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Empowering the Sustainability Shift

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Nurture the web of life with green economy

Our economic growth has improved human welfare, but at the cost of irreversible changes to the planet. To secure our future, we must transform our economy together, forging a greener and more inclusive path that accounts for the needs of both people and planet. Only by working together can we preserve our world for future generations. The sustainability shift is imperative.


As the importance of sustainability grows, so does the need for a strong link between thought and action. Research and informed opinion must form the basis for advisory services and guide action towards sustainable outcomes. By aligning these elements, we can work towards a more sustainable future that is socially just and ecologically resilient.

About Dr Hezri

Dr Hezri Adnan is a distinguished sustainability professional with extensive experience promoting sustainable development and human security. As a former Executive Director of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research and the CE0 of Langkawi Development Authority, he has led numerous initiatives to promote environmental sustainability and alleviate poverty. Dr Hezri has consulted for international organisations, served on the United Nations' International Resource Panel, and authored more than 100 publications on various facets of sustainable development. His work straddles governance and economic issues across sectors like energy, water, food and eco-tourism. He is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia and has held visiting appointments at the Kyoto University and the Australian National University - the latter being his alma mater where he obtained his PhD in Public Policy. He also holds a BSc degree in Biotechnology from Sheffield University.


Waldorf Tower, Plaza Damas. Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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